Solar power for schools is much more than energy savings!

The Solar PV system at The Fabindia School, Rajasthan
Rooftop solar PV systems is an effective solution for addressing the increasing retail electricity tariffs and power outages across the country. India, over the past seven years, has witnessed an annual increase of 5 – 10% in retail electricity tariffs which is also the primary driver for rooftop solar PV projects. While industrial and commercial consumers in over a dozen states are victims of very high tariffs (over INR 8.5/units), institutional consumers (including schools, colleges and hospitals), though beneficiaries of partial cross – subsidised electricity, are currently paying tariffs of up to and above INR 7.5/unit across multiple states in India. Investments in solar energy provide schools with some benefits that appeal to a broad set of stakeholders. The administration and management of educational institutions have started to recognise the value of solar energy in providing a long-term hedge against increases in electricity tariffs and have been gaining affinity towards the technology’s ability to deliver cost savings. Solar also presents teachers with a great educational opportunity. Finally, the increased use of clean energy technologies like solar can help significantly reduce emissions of pollutants that can harm human health and the environment.

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