About Us

Learning Forward India provides high-impact consulting services for partners with the tools to transform professional learning, increase educator capacity, and improve student achievement. We work very closely with our partner schools and assist in the Monitoring and Evaluation of the school improvement process.
Customised Service Plans:

  1. School Leadership Development - Principals are the key driving force for any school, we assist schools in finding the right people to help build a good leadership team.
  2. My Good School Program -  The program helps our partner schools to work for the personal and social development of an individual by offering an environment where experiential learning is made possible through activities beyond just study. The program is delivered on an annual subscription plan and helps measure the improvement in student learning at school.
  3. Professional Development Program - The three-year professional development programme is delivered in association with Learning Forward. Our focus is on building professional learning communities. The training program leverages the best in adult learning, research on organisational change, and practical experience to create capacity for sustained improvements in educators.
  4. School Management Services -  We help set up and upgrade schools with full systems, training & management support. EBD becomes responsible for the whole entity and closely works with the client organisation, to further the vision and mission of the promoters.
      "My understanding is learning outcomes improvement cannot be offloaded to technology. Teachers trained with excellent spoken and storytelling skills can only make this happen, by weaving lessons appropriately in their interaction with students inside the classroom. Teachers can simulate art of visualisation in students with their storytelling methods. Towards this the leadership improvement programs by Sandeep Dutt and his team is the only permanent fix for the current situation, technology can only take us to a limited distance".
      -  VRL Swamy Vadali, Ayati Labs Pvt Ltd