Annual Conference 2017

Learning Forward’s Annual Conference is the best investment you can make in your own professional learning. Our conference attendees become part of a community of learners developing new knowledge and honing their skills, engaging in meaningful collaboration, and learning from leaders in the field of professional learning. 
"Learning Forward’s Annual Conference is a great place to learn with and from others who are passionate about the work of leading learning. The people who attend, both presenters and attendees, are fabulous, open to connecting/networking, and live in a learning stance". - S. Dutt
For further information and booking your place at the Conference, please contact:
Anupam Vaid, Travel To Learn
205, Orbit Mall, A.B.Road, Indore, 
Madhya Pradesh, India – 452001
+91-731-3919111/3919222, 6545697-98-99