One person whose contribution I would particularly like to highlight is Sandeep Dutt, who joined us as Chairman and Executive Director of the Bhadrajan Artisans Trust in 2012. He has facilitated many of the landmark achievements we celebrate today.
 - William N Bissell, Founder & MD Fabindia

Innovations like the byte-sized PD, focusing on the core values and the focus on every individual's personal and social development, Learning Forward has developed best practices for the world.
- Kalyani Chaudhuri, Principal Billabong High International School Thane

It is not often that you come across a stand-out talent like Sandeep. He never fails to make a dramatic difference in any role he occupies. He can juggle multiple projects without compromising on the end results. He can get teams to work to the highest standards through a strategic and inclusive leadership approach. Sandeep is a committed humanitarian and educationalist who has influenced change in the development and corporate sectors. He is highly recommended as a leader and as a team member. 
- Cristal de Saldanha,  Leading Commonwealth Youth Adviser 

I just wanted to add my congratulations on the beautiful job. 
- Peter Church OAM, Group Chairman AFG Venture Group

Way to go! Another feather in the cap!! 
- Sanjay Shivnani, President & CEO, VET CL Educate (formerly Career Launcher)

Glad to know that you have started to work for the youth leadership workshops.
- Fr. Dominic D'Abreo, Spokesperson, CBCI

Video link: www.youtube.com/brewknowledge.
- Dr Peter McLaughlin, Former Headmaster of  The Doon School 

Sandeep Dutt of Learning Forward India is a born social entrepreneur and very effective at networking and marketing.
- Karl Clauset is Director of the National Center for School Change

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