Services and Pricing 2021

We are transforming professional learning, increasing educator capacity, and improving student achievement. We focus on school transformation with an emphasis on culture as a service. We'll design a plan that meets your unique needs and improves teaching and learning in your system.

1. Personal and social development for every individual

  • My Good School  - We help our partner schools work for an individual’s personal and social development by offering an environment where experiential learning is made possible through activities beyond just study. The optional digital portfolio helps improve student learning at school, keeps a record of the school experience and effectively engages all the stakeholders. #MyGoodSchool

2. Professional Learning Program for teachers

  • Happy Teachers - The Learning Forward India Professional Learning Program focuses on building professional learning communities. The program leverages the best in adult learning, research on organisational change, and practical experience to create educators' sustained improvements. #HappyTeachers

3. School Culture Transformation

  • Schools Can Change - Upgrading or setting up a school; we closely work with the client organisation to further the promoters’ vision and mission. We assist the school in finding and mentoring the right people to help build a good leadership team.  #SchoolsCanChange

Terms of engagement*

I. My Good School (MGS)

MGS standard core curriculum helps empower every individual; we invite schools to join Good Schools’ global community. The Annual License Fee is Rs 25,000.00 per annum, and there is the cost of the Record Book/ Report Card /Digital Portfolio charge per child per year.

II. Learning Forward Professional Learning Program (PLP) 

  • Joy Of Learning (JOL) - 11 Sessions.
  • Diversity Inclusion Belonging (DIB) - 11 Sessions.
  • Building Innovative Schools using (BIS) - 11 Sessions.

Terms of service:
  1. For all the Programs, the Session Fee is Rs. 25,000.00 per session. 
  2. The Session is one monthly learning cycle.
  3. Session flow - Connect > Communicate > Collaborate > Create. The 90-minute sessions are followed by group work (reading, writing and research); and Blog Posts on Brewing Knowledge (
  4. The focus is on building professional learning communities.
  5. The optimum size for the cohort is 25 people. 
  6. The program is customised to meet your needs, your pace and your resources.
  7. Learning Forward Podcast to help our Educators experience the joy of learning.
  8. BIS is a highly customisable solution for professional learning. LFIN provides Coaches and helps with Monitoring and Evaluation.
  9. On successful completion, the participants receive a  Certificate of Appreciation. 

III School Improvement Coach

Rs. 25000.00 per month - mentoring, consulting and handholding. Travel and stay at actuals.


*Terms of engagement subject to change without prior intimation. (Date 1st Jan 2021)