Learning Forward Academy

Every picture has a story!
At The first meeting of the informal association for professional learning - Coffee & Conversations - on the 14th of Nov 2015. Sangeeta Malik, Senior Coordinator at DPS RKP Delhi); Mriganka, an Architect by profession working with not-for-profits and schools; Venus Upadhayaya, the Co-Creator of the Core Values Program and today a Journalist in the USA; Bina Kapoor IELTS and British Council accredited English Teacher; and Sandeep Dutt, Founder Learning Forward India. In the early days, the meetings were held at coffee shops in Delhi, Dehradun, Jammu, Mumbai, Ludhiana and where ever we world travel to train teachers and school staff... originally called the ‘Genesis of Knowledge’, later re-branded as Brewing Knowledge and now an integral part of Learning Forward India (LFIN) Academy. 

Is the Learning Forward Academy right for you?
The Professional Learning Program (PLP) is custom-built for each participant or team to match your needs. #HappyTeachers

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