Internship Program

We invite school students, graduates and individuals who want to work and are passionate about helping deliver quality education. Critical areas for participation are Instruction and Training, Supervision, Counselling and Assessment.

To advise, guide and assist the partners.
To service the needs of our partners.
To keep records.
To liaise and coordinate activities in an area.
To handle the communication needs of partners.
To work online /cloud space and complete work assigned.

Qualities / pre-requisites for Individuals
  • Business like: organised, systematic, goal-oriented and prepared.
  • Friendly: warm, empathetic, out-going, cheerful and friendly.
  • Verbally Interactive: listens, accepts, probes questions and encourages.
  • Stimulating: imaginative, stimulating, exciting, provocative, exciting and avoids dull routine.
  • Individual Oriented treats each individual as a unique learner.
  • Multi-media Integrative: uses diverse media for visualisation, dramatisation, demonstration, manipulation, reading and listening.
  • Good IT and Web knowledge: must have a phone and a computer and be willing to travel out of town if needed.

Our management policy
Interns are an essential part of our successful enterprise. Most of them work directly with the partners and provide support at the local and national levels. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and responsible interns can significantly impact retaining and encouraging more people to work with us and take ahead the development agenda.

Emphasis is on outstanding service over a significant period; the individuals are not employed by the Learning Forward India Foundation but work in a volunteer capacity. The minimum time involvement usually is one year. However, there may be exceptional cases when a shorter period of service would be worthy of recognition or when breaks in service could be considered. The judgement of a successful internship is inevitably subjective, but considerable involvement of individuals overtime to the undoubted benefit of several people is the essential criterion. Evidence is also required for the positive advancement of our aims and philosophy. The person should have demonstrated outstanding efforts and initiatives during their involvement with us and is expected to have shown exceptional ability, reliability and results in one or more fields related to its operation.

How to take this ahead?
Sign up today, simply email your areas of interest and commit yourself to a journey of learning. Please email your expression of interest to

Ready for a chat?
Jyotsna Tyagi is our Program Manager for the Internship Program; you are welcome to send her a message via TELEGRAM only at +91 9868525819

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