Our partner schools host interns for a few weeks to one year. You could be teaching at the school or assisting the staff to help deliver affordable quality education. Depending on the interests and experience of the individuals and the needs of the school, the intern may even be appropriately placed in a classroom supporting and occasionally leading core curriculum classes and extracurricular programs.  During their tenure, the interns' lives are intimately engaged in the school community, and these experiences often create lasting impressions for all. 

We invite individuals who are passionate about working for youth development and are happy to work in far-flung areas to join us. Critical areas for participation are Instruction and Training, Supervision, Counselling and Assessment.
    Qualities / prerequisites for an Adult Volunteer/ Intern
    • Business like: organised, systematic, goal-oriented and prepared.
    • Friendly: warm, empathetic, outgoing, active and friendly.
    • Verbally Interactive: listens, accepts, probes questions and encourages.
    • Stimulating: creative, inspiring, exciting, provocative, entertaining and avoids dull routine.
    • Individual-Oriented: treats each as a unique learner.
    • Multi-media Integrative uses diverse media for visualisation, dramatisation, demonstration, and manipulation, reading and listening.
    • Good IT and Web knowledge are a must and to volunteer you must have a phone, computer and be willing to travel out of town if needed. 
    • You get paid and your out-of-pocket expenses covered too.
    Interns management policy 
    Interns are an essential part of our successful enterprise. Most of them work directly with the partners and provide support at the local level. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and responsible interns can make an enormous impact take ahead the development agenda. Emphasis is on outstanding service over a significant period and on delivering a quality experience with life-long learning. The judgement of a successful internship is inevitably subjective, but the considerable involvement of an individual's own free time to the positive benefit of some people is the primary criterion. The person should have demonstrated exceptional efforts and initiatives during his or her period of involvement with us and is expected to have shown extraordinary ability, reliability and results in one or more fields related to its operation.

    How to take this ahead?
    Email you an expression of interest to